October 13th

Alan Bishop (GPX95) will be taking over the admin duties of NCSCGP, so please welcome him aboard. If you have any questions, concerns, or meet ideas contact him at NCSCGP@gmail.com. I, Matt Shoaf (shoafster) have taken over the website duties and will be updating it regularly (hopefully) so just email me at the same address and I'll do my best to update the site on time. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Also, if any of you members want to have your name and pics of your GP on the site, email me 3 pictures (640x480 dimensions please) and general information about your GP such as year, make, model, color and coupe or sedan and I'll put you on the members page.

Thanks again to Brian Siddle for doing such a great job handling things over the last 7 years!!! Good luck with the baby!!